According to my previous plan, I’m going to make one prototype that can store and regenerate the vibration signal from raindrops hitting an object.

Before I start to make it, I need to consider why do I want to say through my project. Last year I was focusing on the idea that even though we are living the city, but we are still part of nature, any noise could be part of it, which can help to release my anxiety of not getting close to nature. But this year, another voice in my head is asking me that ” isn’t it pathetic that we are using the artificial object to fulfill our imagination to nature and forget who we really are?

Those two voices lingering in my mind and I can not come out a conclusion of which is more truth, but I think as an artist, I don’t need to offer you a final answer, I just show you the contradiction and leave the judgment to your self.

Based on my thoughts, I’m not going to use any “real” plant or nature growing object, instead of bamboo, I choose to use PVC tube because it’s so artificial. In my final show, I will use plastic trees, grass, and water sprayer to build up a fake nature, but still offering the audience the experience of walking in a raining forest.