I  plan to record the sound of the raindrop and reproduce the sound when there is no rain, but since now, I still can’t find an away that allows the audience to interact with this long process.

So, this week, instead of storing the signal in the DataBase, the sound will play lively and trigger the animation in a screen. The reason why I think I should use some image or video is that I believe this could be a window to show what nature looks like.


The most difficult part is how to prevent the water leaking, to solve this problem, I’m using resin to seal the top, use model jelly to build a model and create a thin resin layer that contains a piezo sensor. The sensor runs better (more sensitive) than before.


Here is a video of what the image audience will see, the glitch effect is triggered by the sensor, when the water drops on the sensor, the video will glitch. The background sound comes from my previous experiment of sound, using a plastic bag to simulate the sound of rain.