I have shown two images that inspired me with what my project should look like, they come from ShuYan Zhang, who is a village developer in China, spent years living in the country and help villagers to find the beauty of countryside.

He is using bamboos to make candles, very beautiful, but I don’t think it will help anything to the villagers, it’s just a one-time use decoration which requires a lot of work to collect and cut the bamboo, but I like the form of how a bamboo could be a candle.

As I always want to say, my idea of sound and my project is “question the truth about artificial craft and nature, represent the pathetic status of city drillers who are used to use artificial products to imaging nature and try to find the connection with it.”

I have tried many prototypes, I’m glad that some people can get it. But in order to present it, I have to consider the user experience. How many people can see it at one time? Does it need to be intractable? What else do I need to strengthen my idea?

Last week, I plan to store the sound of the raindrop, but the process of play and store is too long, also need some kind of interaction to trigger the replay function, which is totally not good in the exhibition. So I think I should learn something from my reference, what do they do? According to their projects, most of them do not have any interaction, audiences are just there and hear, which is relaxing and make the idea softer.  Most of them do not have a limitation of the audience, the only limitation is the size of the room.

After all of this, I think my project may not need to store the sound, the raindrop will always fall, and the sound will always there when the raindrop hit the sensor. But here I think I want to add few more things in my project.

  1. Fake bamboos, fake grass, and fake rain.
  2. screens that play video of the real rain in the forest.

I want to strengthen the contradiction between artificial craft and nature, so in my project, I won’t use any “nature” material which will draw the audience to think it comes from nature, such as bamboo. I’m using PVC tube to make my own candle, and it looks so artificial, I will test the sound next week.


The projection is to open a window to the “nature”, even though the image comes from the data they are stored on a hard drive and projected by a projector, but the illusion will revoke the memory of “nature” and remind people that it’s not real, the real thing is out of here.

We are living in an age that we give up the right of connecting with the real nature in order to have a more convenient life. Every time when we think about the word of “nature”, we have framed it and make it as beautiful as we thought, we have already put ourselves out of nature at the first place. I don’t want it, I want people to think as we should be part of nature and accept what the real nature looks like, sometimes it is dangerous, sometimes it is not as beautiful as you think. But this is how nature really is, accept it.

I hope my project could be a reminder to the city drillers and change their perspective to the situation we are in.