Finally, I present all my experiment in a public show that allows me to receive feedback from different people.


Things that I presented:

  1. Water drops on the drum.
  2. An Insect made by the vibrating cell and how it sounds in the phone picker.
  3. An air pump breath bag made from the white trash bag.
  4. An insect projection on the trash bag.
  5. The model of the final set, a room that combines the plastic bag cell and water drop installation.


Four years ago, when I was living in a Chinese village, Gaoping, located on an isolated mountain, I was moved by the sounds around me such as the sound of the first rain in a year, water dropping from leaves and the wind through broken wooden windows. As a person who has lived in a city since I was born, I never doubted that everything in a rural village should be more beautiful than in an urbanized city.

I now question whether natural sound as a way we sense this world is more beautiful in the village than in the city. Is it dangerous to think this way because it excludes us from nature in the first place? Is it possible to make are we romanticizing the village as a better place in our minds?

In this project, I want to explore listening and the way we see nature by making a series of artificial sound experiments using machines and garbage to generate sound waves that I believe are just as beautiful as the sound I heard in the remote village. I continue to question which is more truthful.  

Questions from the exhibition:

  1. How people interact, does the interaction important in my project?
  2. How to make a contradiction between “nature sound” and “artificial sound?” since they are the same thing in my theory.
  3. Do I need to tell a story before design statement?


  1. The water drop machine is really Zen!
  2. Making a product that can help city drillers to relax, but through my prototype of the final set, it’s not possible for people to buy it.
  3. The insects are interesting to see and hear.
  4. It’s a sad thing that people do feel the nature through artificial things, it makes people feel that they are living in the matrix.