I learned a lot through the pop-up show.

Things that I want to change:

  1. add interaction in my final form.(how to listen?)
  2. add contradiction between sound in mountain and digital sound to make my theory more clear.
  3. make the installation smaller.

Ideas about the change:

  1. We are living in the city like bees living in the hive, busy and crowded. But what does the life should be like? I want to question the way that how we should live in the world. Hive is a really good abstraction of where we are as city drillers in the city, it’s a poetic symbol of the combination of artificial craft nature.
  2. Listening sounds differently through the interaction. The “phone picker” experiment inspired me to discover more beautiful magnetic sound, I want to add an interaction in through manipulating the magnetic signal.



The basic out from is inspired by the form of  HIVE, the house of bees, the crowded city that we are living in. the audience can hear the sound of the mountain with their bare ear.

Each brick can bee pulls out and pushes in, every blog has a “phone picker ” behind, the distance between the inside brick and the phone picker will affect the sound that people can hear in the headphone.

There will be a light behind each brick, I want to put cables and digital components in the brick, so the shadow of those components that cast by the light will project a shadow on the front surface. In a large perspective, the shadow will represent a beautiful image of cloud mountain.