From my experiment of sounds in machine, I start to explore how my project will look like, will they look like Zimoun’s project


or do they look like Pascal Glissmann’s project?


I may consider that Zimoun’s project is more abstract and Pascal’s project is easier to understand. I really like both of them, but I don’t know which way should I go for, to make my project be abstract and make the environment as part of the project or just make small stuff that can generate sounds or BOTH?

Jason (my algowave teacher) has suggested me not to “compose music” but to “gardening music”, which means I can do some experiments on what kind of sound will different parts of my “instruments” sound like. This could be a real garden that has all my creatures inside and makes people enjoy that experience of seeing and hearing them.

In order to combine my knowledge of “Dark ecology” and John Deep’s music theory, and also introduce my background story, I want to make a scenario that can help the audience to understand.

I will put my scenario into the far future, maybe 10000 years later, when human disappeared. Human crafts do not disappear and become alive. The inspiration comes from “Horizon: zero dawn” which has a great design of those dinosaur robots that made by a mother robots. They become one part of the ecology system and feeding on organics.

In dark ecology, we no longer think that craps and machines are bad for our environment as they are part of the ecology. So the scenario I described makes sense. The creatures can be organic, but they can combine with human crafts to gain better advanced in surviving.

I think “Hermit crab in 3D printing sheld” could be one example of what I want to make. the organic body combines with human crafts, it may generate some creature that never been seen.


Or the bowerbird that use human crafts to build their nests.


It is so interesting thinking in this way, I may call it future ecology cyberpunk. LOL