This part we are going to introduce the procedure of how did I design the outlook.

I was inspired by a game called “Fall Out” and it’s Nukecola vending machine.


So I want to start from here, Since my device needs to contain more than 12 bottles inside and I don’t want to hide them, so I designed a glass window on the surface, I also changed some details.

IMG_9639 2.JPG

However, at the time when I want to actually make it, I don’t know how to do it, what material I shall use, so I made a 3D printing model find out that if I can 3D printing it.


But the difficulty is that the 3D printing machine is too small to print my stuff (it’s almost 1 meter high). So I have to change my plan to CNC cut and laser cut.

I spend 2 weeks on making the file and 2 more days on cutting the wood. Maybe need more time to combine them and color them.

For CNC cut:

For Laser cut:

Combine them (not finished)

However, there were some sad thing happened, my surface board was broken when transporting.

IMG_3993 I used wood glue to fix it, hope it’s gonna work next week.